Easter and Holy week service 2016

The plan for events taking place during the Holy (Passion) Week and Easter are listed below. All events taking place at Church.

Easter and holy week services for 2016
Day Date Event Start End Notes Bus Pick up Bus leaves
Fri 22-Apr Friday End of Lent 10:00 13:00 General Prayer of the Sick Use public bus*
Sat 23-Apr Lazarus Saturday 10:00 12:00   Use public bus
Sat 23-Apr Palm Sunday Vesper 19:00 21:30      
Sun 24-Apr Palm Sunday 09:30 14:00   09:00 15:00
Sun 24-Apr Morning Pascha 15:00 16:00      
Sun 24-Apr Evening Pascha 19:00 21:00      
Mon 25-Apr Morning Pascha 10:30 12:30   Use public bus
Mon 25-Apr Evening Pascha 19:00 21:00      
Tues 26-Apr Morning Pascha 10:30 12:30   Use public bus
Tues 26-Apr Evening Pascha 19:00 21:00      
Wed 27-Apr Morning Pascha 10:30 12:30   Use public bus
Wed 27-Apr Evening Pascha 19:00 21:00      
Thurs 28-Apr Holy Thursday 09:30 13:30 Liturgy of blessing the water Use public bus
Thurs 28-Apr Evening Pascha 19:00 21:00      
Fri 29-Apr Great Friday 10:00 17:00 Use public bus
Fri 29-Apr Apocalypse Night 23:00 05:00    
Sat 30-Apr Easter Service 19:00 23:00 18:30 23:00
Sun 1-May Easter Day


17:30 Events and meal at Pool Village Hall    

To get there by church bus, the bus leaves from the bus station at the times stated above and stops in front of St. James Hospital Chapel 15 minutes later.

*To get there by public bus, bus 781 stops by the church once a day from Leeds City centre Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, go to www.wymetro.com and look for buses going to or near stop no. 45028909.

For a printer friendly version, you can download and print this programme as PDF.

If you require any further information, please contact Fr. Abanoub St. Paul on 07533568228 or by email on frabanoub@stmary-stabanoub.org.uk